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Due to the truly pathetic service provided by BT here on Colonsay, as of July 2020, I have finally terminated my BT contract.  However I have ‘ported over’ my landline to a VOiP service.  However, email is my preferred contact method.

Email:  -  Mob: 07788 138413  Landline: 01951 200197

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UK Registered Private Limited Company Number SC586588

I am not VAT registered so ALL PRICES ‘INCLUDE’ VAT!


I am an EV owner and driver of some 12 years and started by converting a Daihatsu Hijet van from petrol engine to electric drive in 2009 (see for further details).  I currently own (amongst other EVs) a Vectrix electric scooter, a Peugeot iOn (Mitsubishi i-MiEV), a Waydoo Flyer One and a half complete replica of an Austin Healey 3000 (and, yes, it will be electric!). 

The principle reason for starting this webshop (in 2015) was to help further the EV revolution by offering EV charging-related items at reasonable prices as well as to offer advice and a repair service for charging cables and related equipment.  

Up to now, I have primarily sold these items only on eBay but the 10% fee is a bit much for me hence this on-line shop.  I do still sell on eBay as it is a popular market-place with global reach but all my eBay prices are 10% more expensive than here in this webshop to cover eBay’s fees.

I am based on the magical Isle of Colonsay, Argyll, Scotland which is 2.5 hours on a RORO ferry out of Oban.

I am not VAT registered so ALL PRICES effectively INCLUDE VAT.

Principally, I use PayPal for payment as this is mutually convenient, secure and reliable.  All the items in this webshop can be ordered using the PayPal payment buttons and their associated drop-down menus on the relevant product page.  To pay, you can either use your own PayPal account or, if you do not have one, you can use any credit card instead but the checkout system is still PayPal’s.

Please note that when using Paypal to buy items, the address the order is sent to is derived entirely from the relevant customer’s PayPal account settings. If you need to alter these for any reason, please advise me by email.  In the case of non-PayPal account customers paying by credit card, you will be asked for address details as part of PayPal’s credit card checkout system.

I can also accept payment by bank transfer.  Please email me what you want and I will email-invoice you with payment details.  I do not have the facilities to take payment over the telephone.

All my items include free UK postage using Royal Mail or ParcelForce (see item description for weight and then Shipping Information section for prices for shipping destinations outside the UK).  All have an approximate 3-4 working day delivery time within the UK but may take as much as 7 days. More remote parts of the UK and destinations outside the UK may take longer.  If you live somewhere remote in the UK which has issues with postal deliveries or which usually is more expensive to post to, please advise me prior to ordering so I can check the postage situation or additional fees may be payable prior to dispatch.

If you live in The Republic of Ireland you may be able to take advantage of the Parcel Motel which uses a virtual UK address for cheaper shipping.

A newer alternative is which has a hub in England.

I aim to dispatch all items within 24 hours of purchase during the working week, ferries permitting - during the summer we have one ferry every day.  During the winter that reduces to Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays (and Saturdays and Sundays but these do not usually carry post).


In general, I am happy to take returns and will provide a refund of the purchase price in full (bar a ‘processing’ fee principally to cover postage and packaging costs - see below) assuming the item is in the same condition as it was on dispatch.  The ‘processing fee’ is less £5 for up to 2kg original parcel weight or £11 for over 2kg parcel weight for UK orders. 

All products have a standard 1 year warranty for manufacture issues which does not (as usual) cover normal (or abnormal!) wear and tear.  Nor is accidental damage covered.  I am happy to assist with issues that may crop up.  The EV world is one which consists of lots of wonderful new technology that is evolving quickly and for those with little technical knowledge or interest the learning curve can be quite steep.  I want to help you to level it.

Martin Winlow

HND MechEng, MSc AgEng

Director Ltd

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Supplying Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment, Globally - Since 2015

All Prices Include VAT & UK (only) Postage*

Non-UK Orders must pay for additional postage

(See the ‘Shipping Information’ page)

Safety Notice

The levels of voltage and current involved with the products in this webshop are potentially lethal.

Any electrical wiring must be completed by a ‘competent person’. will not be held liable for injury to living creatures nor damage to any property caused by the negligent or improper use or application of any of its products.

As a Matter of Interest...

In 2017 alone, China installed enough solar PV generation capacity to match the entire UK’s peak demand (52GW)!  China is also currently (May 2018) putting ~5 thousand electric buses into service, nationally, every week.

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Live webcam looking south from ‘The Office’ towards Ben Gudairean, Isle of Colonsay...

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Why not come on holiday to the magical Isle of Colonsay?

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GDPR: I keep your name and email address purely for the purposes of completing your purchase and for contacting you efficiently in the event of a product recall/advisory situation only.  This data will be stored for 6 years and then permanently destroyed.

I do not use any of your personal data for marketing purposes of any sort and I do not pass on such data in any way whatsoever.

How to Order:-

1/  Select the item you want from the relevant drop-down menu and click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button below it.

2/  You will be directed to a Paypal ‘Your Shopping Cart’ web page showing the item in your cart.

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4/  Select further items and add each one in turn to the Paypal shopping cart.

5/  If your delivery address is outside the UK, don’t forget to add an additional international postage fee to your cart, as appropriate - item weights (including packaging) are included on the drop-down payment menus.

5/  When you have finished, checkout on the Paypal Shopping Cart web page and pay, either using your Paypal balance or any credit card.

You will receive a Paypal notification indicating that your purchase has been successful.  You will then (in due course) also get one from me.

5 Myths about electric vehicles busted... by The National Grid.

Did you know that peak electricity demand in the UK has fallen by 16% from a peak of 62GW in 2002?


* This company is not VAT registered.

Please note that due to ‘forces beyond my control’ (ie Covid-19 concerns), I am now only able to dispatch items on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

I’m sorry about this situation and hope things will return to normal soon.

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