ADP9 - Blue Commando (CEE)  to 13A Socket

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This adaptor will allow you to charge EVs that come as standard with a UK so-called “granny cable” AKA a “Mode 2” charging cable from a standard 16A and 32A blue Commando (AKA CEE or caravanning/camping/marine) socket as well as European ‘Schuko’ sockets. 

A “granny cable” is a cable with a 13A plug on one end, a J1772 (Type 1) or Type 2 (female) plug on the other and a ‘brick’ (control box) between the two specifically designed for charging EVs.  It should properly be referred to as a ‘Mode 2 Charging Cable’ or ‘portable EVSE’ (pEVSE).  Generally these only supply a maximum of 10A charging current which equates roughly to about 6 miles of added range per hour of charging.

It will also work with other EVs where the charger lead is terminated with a 13A socket eg Twizy, Vectrix etc, - anything that has a 13A plug on it.

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Plug Options:

Standard Socket                                      Masterplug Socket

The adaptor will not increase the 10A maximum current that the Granny cable will allow to be drawn from the mains.

It comes in 3 standard lengths:- 0.2m, 3m, & 5m.   

All versions also use 2.5mm2 cable to avoid overheating issues that will almost certainly occur with regular smaller ampacity cables due to the prolonged relatively high current drawn by the EV during charging.  The smaller (typically 1.5mm2) conductors used in regular extension cables simply cannot transfer the heat away from plug/socket contacts quickly enough to prevent overheating.

All 3 variants can be ordered with either a plain socket or an IP54 MasterPlug weatherproof socket as shown above (orange).

To order, select the Plug required from the Plug Options dropdown and add it to your cart.  Then do the same for the length and socket options before checking out (not forgetting to add extra postage - if needed - for expedited delivery or for delivery addresses outside of the UK.

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