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10a or 16A, 32A, 5m, 230VAC  Portable ‘Mode 2’ EVSE  Type 1 & 2 Versions

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Comes with FREE cable carry bag!

(Normal price - £10)

The Type 2 version is compatible with all EU EVs eg:-

All EU Tesla Versions (except the Roadster)

All EU BMW EVs and Plug-in Hybrids

All EU VW EVs and Plug-in Hybrids

EU Renault Zoe

All EU Volvo EVs and Plug-in Hybrids

Porsche Panamera PHEV

All EU Mercedes Benz EVs and Plug-in Hybrids

Daimler Smart FourTwo ED

Chevrolet Spark

All EU Audi EVs and Plug-in Hybrids


Kia Optima (but not Soul which is Type 1)

All EU Mahindra EVs and Plug-in Hybrids

Hyundai Ioniq PIH & EV

The Type 1 versions are compatible with all Japanese and USA-built EVs (except Teslas) eg:-

All Nissan EVs

Mitsubishi i-MiEV / Outlander

All Vauxhall EVs and Plug-in Hybrids

Citroen C-Zero

Peugeot Ion

All Toyota EVs and Plug-in Hybrids

Renault Kangoo / Fluence

Kia Soul (not Optima - Type 2)

Fisker Karma

Ford C-MAX Energi / Ford Focus EV

Lightning EV

Mercedes Vito E-Cell Van

MIA Electric

Toyota Prius PHEV

This 5m long electric vehicle charging cable, properly referred to as a 'Mode 2 portable EVSE' (EVSE standing for 'electric vehicle service equipment') conforms to IEC 62196 and SAE J1772.

2 different types are available.  The ‘Khons’ version has a display and has a manually adjustable output when first connected to the mains by simply shaking the box. This setting is remembered when next used.  Consequently, it is more expensive than the second type (further down this page), the ‘Duosida’, which does not have a display, only status lights, and has a fixed 10A output and is therefore cheaper.

The display-equipped Khons version is available in the following format: 16A, Type 2, CEE (blue ‘commando’) mains plug

The non-display Duosida type is available in the following formats only:

1/ 10A, Type 1, 13A UK mains plug

2/ 10A, Type 2, 13A UK mains plug

The 10A versions are intended for use in charging compatible electric vehicles from a standard UK 3 pin, 13A (BS1363) socket but it is internally limited to a maximum current output of 10A to prevent the 13A plug and socket from potentially dangerous overheating - something which some other pEVSEs ignore. In the case of the Khons pEVSE, the current output can be easily further limited to 8A if required by the user by simply shaking the unit within 60 seconds of applying mains power.  The Duosida version output is fixed at 10A only.

The 16A Khons version is intended for use with a 16A CEE sockets which are available Europe wide at camping grounds, marinas and industrial premises. Current output can be easily further limited to 10A or 8A if required by the user by simply shaking the unit within 60 seconds of applying mains power.  As well as using this version with the standard 16 CEE (‘blue Commando/camping/leisure) socket as is, it can also be used (with the use of a suitable adaptor) with a 32A single or 3 phase mains supply as well as a standard 13A socket.  However, in the latter case, the current output of the cable *must* be configured to 10A maximum BEFORE CONNECTING TO THE EV or the fuse in the adaptors 13A plug will blow.  It is also possible that the ‘fuse’ supplying the socket will trip which may cause more unhelpful issues.

All devices are designed to the highest standards using well-designed components.

All pEVSEs come with a free, padded and robust carry bag.

Kohns pEVSE Features:-

  1. Easy to use (see instructions below)

  2. Change charging current between 8, 10 & 16A by simply shaking the EVSE housing (remembers last setting)

  3. Clear and useful LED display showing:-

  4. Energy used since last connected to mains

  5. Line voltage (actual in real time)

  6. Charging current (actual in real time)

  7. Time since last connected to mains in H:M:S

  8. Charging Current (set)

  9. EVSE Status

  10. EVSE temperature in degrees C

  11. Built-in hanging loop

  12. Robust industry leading Dostar, car-side, charging plug

  13. Rugged but light-weight EVSE housing

  14. Moulded-on UK BS1363 plug (as applicable)

  15. IP65 dust and water resistance

  16. CE Marked

If your EV/PIH is not listed, please go here for up-to-date information.

16A CEE Mains Input and Type 1 Output Plugs Shown - NOTE: Type 2 now only available

Duosida pEVSE Features:-

  1. input/output 220 - 240v AC 50hz 10amps

  2. IP55 environmental protection

  3. -30 to + 50 degrees Celsius operating temp

  4. Orange EV-side cable, 3G2.5mm + 2G0.5mm

  5. UK plug to IEC62196 / J1772 (Type 1 or Type 2) CE and TUV certified

  6. ‘UK’ Versions comes with UK 3-pin 13A Mains Input Plug

  7. ‘EU’ Versions comes with ‘Schuko’ Mains Input Plug

  8. ‘CEE’ Versions comes with CEE 16A Mains Input Plug

Free Royal Mail/ParcelForce postage is included* which usually takes 3-4 working days from the day of dispatch within mainland UK - but, due to our location, may take as much as 7 days.

(* UK orders only - ex-UK orders must have extra postage added - please see the ‘Shipping Information’ page)

Duosida 10A pEVSE

(without display)

Comes with FREE cable carry bag!

(Normal price - £10)


Khons 16A Type 2 pEVSE

(with display)

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UK Mains Input and Type 1 Output Plugs Shown