The plug is designed for use in EV charging cables and will plug into any compatible, Type 2, EVSE.  It is the MALE side of the connection and so has PINS not SLEEVES (see photo).  A plug, pre-attached to suitably rated cable, may be ordered here.

The socket is designed for use in EVs as the car-side charging connection and will accept a compatible, Type 2, FEMALE plug.  It has a plastic, tethered, twist-on dust cap.  It does not contain any illumination LEDs but has provision for fitting them behind the red and green lenses. It comes with 4 x stainless steel M5 x 15mm Countersunk hex-drive bolts, washers and nyloc nuts.

The socket can be ordered with or without 1 or 3 phase, 16A (2.5mm2 CSA) or 32A (6.0mm2 CSA) copper wire tails pre-attached by crimping.  Standard cable lengths are 1, 3, & 5m.  These come in a flexible orange conduit, 20mm in diameter (O/S dimension).  Longer lengths may be ordered by contacting (see below).  Weight With Cable: See purchase button drop-downs.

The socket can also be ordered with an simple circuit that will automatically cause a standard private or public EV charge point to activate on connection.  This may be suitable for customers wishing to retro-fit a Type 2 charging socket to an existing EV that only has, for example, a tethered 13A charging lead.  Note that the charge-point will need to have a tethered Type 2 lead or the customer will have to supply one (see here).  WARNING!  YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING IF YOU INTEND USING THIS DEVICE!  The socket tails will potentially become 220VAC LIVE as soon as the socket is connected to a charging point!  To order this option, after adding the socket to your cart, add the option ‘Auto-Switch On’ option to the cart also (and international postage if required), then check out.

Both plug and socket are 3 phase (3P) compatible and come with 3P connections included - the only difference between 1P and 3P plugs is the size of the cable inlet.  1P plugs have a maximum cable diameter of 18mm; 3P plugs have a maximum cable diameter of 25mm. Therefore, if you want to use 16A, 3P cable, you can order a 1P plug as the cable entry will be large enough.  If you want to use a 3P 32A cable you must order a 3 phase plug.

All pins/sleeves have a conductor entry hole of 4mm diameter, large enough for 10mm2 (60A-70A) conductors, maximum.

NOTE:  The pins and sleeves in these plugs require crimping with a suitable (high power) crimper.  An 8T hydraulic crimper can be purchased on eBay for ~£30 (example image below - I make no recommendations for this particular item).

IP54 rated.

Type 2 Electric Vehicle Charging MALE Plug and Socket - 63A(max)

All Prices Include VAT & UK Postage

Non-UK Orders must pay for additional postage

Type 2 Male Plug - In Stock

Type 2 Male Socket + 1P Tails

In Stock

Type 2 Male Socket + 3P Tails

In Stock



Type 2 Male Socket - In Stock



(Click on the photo for an enlarged view)

Approximate Dimensions (mm):-

Plug:- 215 L, 53 H, 50 W.  340g (with dust cap on). With Cable: see here.

Socket:- 160L, 110H & W.  425g.  With Cable: See drop-down payment button.

The plug and socket can be disassembled with a T15 Torx driver (bit/blade needs to be at least 35mm long due to the depth of the head of some screws within the plug/socket body).  This bit may be ordered with the plug and/or socket (excluding cabled options) at £2 extra.

eBay 8T Hydraulic Crimper

T2 Male Plug Spares

Pins & Dust Cap

T2 Male Socket Spares


PE (earth) Pin

(Same for both plug and socket)

L1/L2/L3/ N Pin

(Same for both plug and socket)

Torx T10/T15 Bit

Type 2 Male Plug

Type 2 Male Socket

Before Ordering Spare Plug/Socket Contacts:

Please read the notes in the paragraph above.

Please Note: Prices are for a SINGLE PIN.

All power (L, N  & E) pins have 6mm2 (4mm diameter) conductor entry size for 32A use.

For 16A use, simply twist conductor strands and double over.

All signal pins (PP & CP) pins have 0.5mm2 (1mm diameter) conductor entry.

Type 2 Duosida Electric Vehicle Charging Plug and Socket Spare Parts - Male

All Prices Include VAT and UK P&P*

The Type 2 plug is compatible with all EU EVs eg:-

Renault Zoe

    (Confirmed by happy customers - including Jan & April 2016 delivered Zoes!)

All EU Tesla Versions (except the Roadster)

All EU BMW EVs and Plug-in Hybrids

All EU VW EVs and Plug-in Hybrids

EU Renault Zoe

All EU Volvo EVs and Plug-in Hybrids

Porsche Panamera PHEV

All EU Mercedes Benz EVs and Plug-in Hybrids

Daimler Smart FourTwo ED

Chevrolet Spark

All EU Audi EVs and Plug-in Hybrids


Kia Optima (but not Soul which is Type 1)

All EU Mahindra EVs and Plug-in Hybrids

Hyundai Ioniq PIH & EV

If your EV/PIH is not listed, please go here for up-to-date information.

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