Specialist EV Charging Flex (Single Phase)

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If you want to make your own EVSE (electric vehicle service equipment) then you’ll need this specially designed cable that contains the necessary conductors, appropriately sized to comply with the IEC62196/SAE1772 charging standard whilst minimizing the weight and bulk of the cable for a given length.  It is intended to connect the EVSE box to a Type 1 or Type 2 plug.

It is designed to be able to cope with the challenging environment such a cable will be subjected to and has both high flexibility and durability.

There are 4 options:- 16A and 32A in both single an 3 phase (1P & 3P).  Prices are per metre.  To order, add the type of cable required to your ‘cart’ using the ‘Add to Cart’ button, below.  This will take you to the PayPal checkout.  Once there, please then specify how many metres you require before ‘checking out’

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1P 16A Specification:-

Overall Diameter 12.6mm

Approx. Weight 0.245kgs/m

Cable Construction:- 4G x 2.5mm2

Outer Sheath : Special Cross-linked Elastomer

Sheath Colour : Black

Insulation : Special Crossed-linked Elastomer

Core Colours : Brown, Black, Grey, G/Y

Conductor : Bare Copper

Voltage : 450/750V

Operating Temperature : -25°C to 55°C

Max. Conductor Temperature Rating : 60°C (mobile)

Max. Conductor Temperature Rating : 85°C (fixed)


3P 16A Specification:-

2.5mm² X 6 Core

Country Of Origin : China

Outer Sheath : Polyolefin Copolymer electron-beam cross-linked

Sheath Colour : Black

Insulation : PVC

Core Colours : Red, yellow,white,pink, green and blue

Conductor : Bare Copper

Voltage : 450/750V

Operating Temperature : -25°C to 55°C Maximum

Permanent Current Rating Open Air : 23A

Voltage Drop, Single Phase : 14V/A.km

Overall Diameter :12mm

Approx. Weight : 0.254kg/m

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1P 32A Specification:-

**The latest EU-approved TPU-jacketed  EV charging cable with the smallest diameter for 32A cable on the market!**

Overall Diameter:- 14mm

Approx. Weight (kg/m):- 0.32

Cable Construction:- 3G x 6.0mm2, 1 x 0.5mm2

Conductor Strands/diameter:- 196/0.2, 16/0.2

Power Conductor Diameter(mm):- 5.0, 2.0

Outer Diameter(mm):- 14

Jacket Material:- TPU

Rated temperature:- Jacket: -40℃~+90℃

Rated voltage:- AC:450/750V

Standard:- TUV 2 PfG 1908/05.1220℃

Max.Conductor Resistance(Ω/Km):

6.0mm2: 3.3, 0.5mm: 390.0