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PodPoint Solo User Manual (which is fairly generic to all makes) can be found here...

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These ‘Mode 3’ EVSEs (electric vehicle service equipments) or ‘charge points’ are dedicated EV charging devices and are an ideal solution to charge an EV from a permanently connected UK mains supply (if you are looking for a portable solution see here).  They have a maximum output of 16A (3.6kW) or 32A (7.0kW) depending on the model.

I source these units generally from bankrupt stock and consequently I have little control over which actual type I have in stock.  This is why they are relatively cheap in comparison to the same units elsewhere on the web.  The dropdown lists show what versions I have in stock.  They are all brand new and un-used and generally in their original boxes (but these may be a little tatty).  Obviously, if you are eligible, I would take advantage of the subsidized OLEV scheme to have your EVSE installed - home or business - as this will (probably) be cheaper.  I don’t know how long this opportunity will last so I would get it whilst you can. 

Also, I sell EVSE kits (Type 1 or Type 2) which are easy for a ‘competent person’ to assemble and offer an even cheaper option to obtain an EVSE (including 3 phase versions).  These do require assembling by a ‘competent person’ and so, again, depending on your circumstances this may or may not be the best/cheapest option.

If you have a preference of make of EVSE, please email me before ordering and I can let you know which I currently have in stock.  There is no price difference between the makes of EVSE, only between tethered and ‘free cable’ versions.

The standard tethered (ie permanently connected) charging plug lead is 5m long.  Both Type 2 and Type 1 versions are available.

If you need a cable to go with your ‘free cable’ EVSE you can buy one here (T1) and here (T2).  The advantage of the free cable version is that all EVs can use it irrespective of the EV’s connection type.  The disadvantage is that you need a separate cable to use it and, if you usually keep one in the car for charging emergencies, this means you may want to have 2 cables; one to leave at home plugged in so you don’t have to plug and unplug it all the time and one in the car.

They have full safety features including over-current and leakage-to-earth (eg through the operator!) protection should the EVSE, connecting cable, connecting plugs or EV develop a fault or be used inappropriately.  The case and plug are IP65 dust and water ingress compliant. They come with a built in or separate holster (for safe and dry stowage of the plug) according to the model.

The units are IP54 (IP = 'Ingress Protection' - '5'= Dust protected, '4' = 'Splashing of water - Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect') rated and therefore may be sited outside but I would recommend sheltering them from rain and sun as much as possible for longevity - not to mention ease of use (particularly when raining).

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