These holsters are plastic (PA6 - Nylon) dummy sockets for Type1 (J1772 or Yazaki) and Type 2 (Mennekes) tethered electric vehicle charger plugs designed to allow the plugs to be conveniently, neatly and safely stored when not in use.  It also ensures that dust and rain are kept away from the plug’s contacts when not in use thereby prolonging their life and preventing poor contact and therefore unnecessary heating of the plug/socket when charging.

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Type 1

The Type 1 holster has 4 x 'No 10' (5mm) countersunk fixing holes spaced at 53mm horizontally and vertically allowing it to be easily and securely mounted to a wall etc.  It could also be attached to a wedge-shaped block (not supplied) to adjust the angle of the J1772 plug when attached.  Suitable wood screws and wall-plugs are supplied with the holster.

Dims:- 73mm x 73mm x 38mm

M5 Fixing holes on 37.5mm radius

Weight (inc screws):- 60g

Type 2

...4 x 'No 8' (4mm) countersunk fixing holes spaced at 60mm horizontally and vertically.

Suitable wood screws and wall-plugs are supplied with the holster.

Dims:- 99mm x 41mm

M4.5 Fixing holes on 42.5mm radius

Weight (inc screws):- 120g

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Charger Plug Holster / Dummy Socket / Wall Mount

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Type 2 - £15 inc P&P

Type 1 - In Stock - £12 inc P&P


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