Type 2 - 1 Phase Leads

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If you are swapping your Type 2 for a Type 1 or vice versa, you might need a Type 1 or 2 holster to store your charger plug and cable safely when not in use as the existing holster will not fit.  These cost £12 and £17 extra respectively (save £2 and £3 on buying them separately).  Please click here... to add the holster at the discounted price (only to be used when buying a holster as part of a larger order).

Please note that the contacts in these EVSE plugs are typically crimped to the cable conductors using a relatively specialist, heavy-duty crimping tool.  Therefore, unless you have access to such a tool, it is impractical to replace the plug alone and a pre-fitted cable/plug combination is usually required.  The old one can usually be sold on.

The fitting of the replacement cable (and removal of the original) should be done only by a ‘competent person’.  Guidance for ‘competent persons’ wanting to do this work for the common UK EVSEs can be found below.

Also note that, because these cable/plug sets are intended for use with fixed EVSEs, they do not come with dust caps.  If required, dust caps can be ordered separately from the same ‘Add to Cart’ dropdown as the cables.  ‘PO’ means bought as Part of a larger Order as postage cost can be shared.  ‘BO’ means ‘bought alone’.  Type 2 3-phase plug dust caps are the same as  Type 2 1-phase.

Standard lengths are 3m, 5m, 8m & 10m. 

Cable diameters are as follows:-

16A 1 phase - 13mm, 16A 3 phase - 16mm, 32A 1 phase - 17mm & 32A 3 phase - 20mm

In Stock - Price includes P&P*

**NOTE: Please email sales@evbitz.uk with your EVSE make ie ChargeMaster/Polar/British Gas (all the same), PodPoint, Rolec, BMW etc when paying as the EVSE-end cable conductor terminations vary. In the absence of such a message the terminations will be as in the picture, above. 

Type 1 Lead Options:

Type 2 1P Lead Options:

Free Royal Mail/ParcelForce postage is included which usually takes 3-4 days within mainland UK (excluding weekends) - but may take as much as 7 days.

The 3 Main EVSEs and Their Standard Cable Connections - Replacement Cable Connections in Red

For EVs equipped with a Type 1 (J1772) charging socket eg...

Nissan Leaf / eNV200

Mitsubishi i-MiEV / Outlander

Vauxhall Ampera / Chevrolet Volt

Citroen C-Zero / Peugeot Ion

Toyota Prius PHEV

Renault Kangoo / Fluence

Kia Soul

Fisker Karma

Ford C-MAX Energi / Ford Focus EV

Lightning EV

Mercedes Vito E-Cell Van

MIA Electric

Toyota Prius PHEV

For EVs equipped with a Type 2 (Mennekes) charging socket eg...

Tesla Model S / Roadster

BMW i3 / i8

VW eGolf / eUp! / Passat PHEV

Renault Zoe

Volvo V60 PHEV

Porsche Panamera PHEV

Mercedes SLS EV / S500 PHEV / B-Class E-Cell Plus

Daimler Smart ED

Chevrolet Spark

Audi A3 e-tron

Type 2 3P Lead Options:

(* UK orders only - ex-UK orders must have extra postage added - see the ‘Shipping Information’ page)

For detailed instructions on replacing the 3 main EVSE plug/cable sets, please click on the relevant blue heading above the EVSE photos, below...

In Stock - Price includes P&P*

Type 1 Leads

Type 2 - 3 Phase Leads

Got A Charge-Point (EVSE) With one Plug Type and Just Bought an EV with The Other Socket Type?

You have 3 options:-

1/ Buy a second EVSE and either sell-on or keep the existing one.  Personally, I recommend the ‘free cable’ EVSE (rather than the tethered type you have now) as this can be used to charge EVs fitted with both types of socket (ie all modern EVs).  You can avoid the hassle of having to plug and unplug the cable from the EVSE every time you use it by simply leaving one cable connected to the EVSE (using a separate holster for proper plug stowage) which can simply be un-plugged from the EVSE when you need to charge an EV with the alternative socket type.  That EV will have to supply their own ‘free cable’ of course, but most EVs have one - for ‘opportunity charging’, etc.

2/ You can swap the existing plug and cable for the alternative one (you are in the right place!).  Generally, swapping just the plug is difficult (see below).

3/  You can use an adaptor.  This option has the advantage of allowing you to continue to use your existing EVSE to charge suitably-equipped EVs in the future (without the adaptor, obviously).  See here for 'Type 2 to Type 1 Adapter' and 'Type 1 to Type 2 Adapter'.

This product is a tethered single or three phase Type 1 or Type 2 (female) plug attached to either 2.5mm2 (16A) or 6.0mm2 (32A) cable, pre-terminated with ferrules for wiring into your EVSE (ie charge point - ChargeMaster, Rolec, PodPoint etc) for either damaged cables/plugs or where you want to change from one type of plug to the other.

PLEASE NOTE:  These leads are NOT compatible with Tesla Wall Chargers as the plugs on Tesla’s tethered EVSEs not only forward the PP connection all the way through to the EV (something I have not seen in any other EVSE other than in 13A-type portable ones where some have a temperature sensor on the 13A mains plug eg those supplied by BMW) but Tesla’s plugs also contain a temperature sensor which mine do not.  The absence of either of these features will render the Tesla EVSE inoperable.

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Replacement 16A and 32A

Type 1 (1P) and Type 2 Female (1P & 3P)

Plugs with Tethered Leads

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Standard cable terminations shown for 16A cables (above and 32A cables (right)

Please Note: - Returns on Type 1 cables are not permitted.  So, make sure your choice is correct before ordering.

Solaredge EVSE Cable


The tethered versions of EVSEs have a large connector in the EV cable just below the control box.  If you are extending or replacing the cable, my advice is to do away with the connector and just wire the cable direct to the ‘push-in’ terminal block on the PCB.  Note that the CP wire is usually the same size wire as L1, N & PE, for some reason.

Zappi V2 Socketed EVSE Cable


Zappi V3 Tethered EVSE Cable


BMW Pure EVSE Cable


(CP indicated by green arrow)

(T2 holsters are currently out of stock)

PodPoint Solo 3 EVSE

Cable Connections

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