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For the TETHERED EVSE builder.  For EVs with the Type 1 connector (i.e. Japanese and US vehicles):-

Nissan Leaf / eNV200

Mitsubishi i-MiEV / Outlander

Vauxhall Ampera / Chevrolet Volt

Citroen C-Zero / Peugeot Ion

Toyota Prius PHEV

Renault Kangoo / Fluence

Kia Soul

Fisker Karma

Ford C-MAX Energi / Ford Focus EV

Lightning EV

MIA Electric

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Type 1 EPC Kit Options:

For partial kit buyers, as a general guide, to complete your EVSE you will also require most, if not all, of the following (items in blue are links to other products in this webshop and ‘MW’ means ‘module wide’ ie the width on one standard DIN mounting device which is ~18mm):-

1/  A 5/6/7 MW (depending on type of EVSE you are building) box/consumer unit

2/  A 2-pole (1 phase) or 4-pole (3 phase) contactor (16/20A = 1 MW, 30/32/40A = 2 MW, 3P = 5 MW)

3/  A ‘Type A’ RCBO (2 MW)

4/  ~0.5m of blue and brown 6mm2 wire (32A) or 4.0mm2 (16A) and another ~0.5m of blue and brown 0.5mm2 flex for wiring everything up.  This can be bought here.

5/  Cable gland(s) - 1 for EV cable out and maybe one for mains power in - with the correct cable diameter capacity!

6/  A bunch of suitably sized ferrules and ferrule tool (ferrules only can be ordered for £3 - see here and scroll down to ‘EVSE Wiring’ section)

7/  DIN mounting terminal connectors 1/2 MW each... type & number depends on options above. One Earth terminal comes with the full kits.

Recommended viewing... ZCW EVSE Build Day ... a YouTube video on building a EVSE.

You might need a Type 1 holster to store your charger plug and cable safely when not in use.  This costs £12 if ordered as part of a larger order (save £2 on buying it separately).  Please click here... to add the holster at the discounted price (only to be used when buying a holster as part of a larger order).

(* UK orders only - ex-UK orders must have extra postage added - see the ‘Shipping Information’ page)


  1. 1.EPC-T Kit Type 1:

EPC and Type 1 Plug/5m Cable only...

  1. 2.EVSE Kit 1 - Fixed - Tethered - Type 1 - Full:

Weatherproof Box, RCBO, EPC, Contactor, Wiring Loom, Cable Entry Glands and Type 1 Plug/5m Cable...

Including plug holster and stainless steel fixing hardware for both EVSE and holster.  Over-current, ground fault and thermal protection built-in.

Main box is 230mmW x 310mmH x 110mmD.  5m kit weighs: 16A:4kg, 32A: 5.1kg

Fuller description here...











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Type 1 Full Fixed Kit Options:

General Notes:-


    32A RCBOs will only operate reliably at 30A max.

    The maximum charging current of *portable* kits is either 10A, 16A or 32A (depending on kit configuration).

    The kit’s Type 1 plug does NOT come with a rubber dust cap (except for portable kits which do come with a cap) - caps may be ordered separately from the plug page.

Standard cable length is 5m.  Add up to 6m extra length of cable in 1m steps by clicking on the appropriate option in the dropdown payment box (see note regarding pEVSEs and extra cable length in section ‘4’, above).

Full and detailed instructions will be emailed on purchase.  All box holes are pre-drilled.  All fixed kits come with everything required to connect to the mains supply.  The only tools required to assemble the kits are:-

1/ Small posidrive screwdriver ~3-4mm

2/ Medium posidrive screwdriver ~5-6mm

3/ 8mm socket to tighten Type 2 socket mounting nuts (a spanner will not work) and mains input socket mounting nuts

4/ 2.5mm Allen key or driver bit

5/ Large (adjustable) spanner - 27mm (to tighten cable entry/exit gland nut/s - if applicable to the kit)

6/ Sharp knife or side-cutters (to trim zip ties - if applicable to the kit)

Cable diameters are as follows (to assist in ordering correct size gland nuts for the partial kit):-

16A 1 phase: 13mm - 32A 1 phase: 15mm

All kit EPCs come supplied with a link fitted between ‘0V’ and ‘IC’ terminals, inhibiting the output.  For use, this link should be replaced with an appropriate 1/4W resistor which the EPC uses to ‘advertise’ the maximum current that the EVSE will supply to a connected EV.  This should be in accordance with the installation manual which will be emailed to customers upon purchase of one or more EPCs.  To operate the EPC at it maximum output, a resistor is not required.

By modifying this link, users are assuming responsibility for the correct design and use of their EVSE.  EVBitz.uk will not be held liable for injury to living creatures nor damage to any property arising from the incorrect use of this product.

The EPC manual can be downloaded from here.

Free myHermes/Collect+/Royal Mail/ParcelForce postage is included which usually takes 2-3 days within mainland UK (excluding weekends) - but may take as much as 7 days. 

Partial kit customers can also buy a Type 1 dummy holster to store their plug and cable safely when not in use (see below). The kit’s Type 1 plug does NOT come with a rubber dust cap.




Uk 13A

Need an outdoor mains socket?  Why not add one to the EVSE box for £25?

(This socket is automatically deactivated when the EVSE is supplying energy to a charging EV)

Select ‘Add Auxiliary Socket’ from payment dropdown box.

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3. EVSE Kit 5 - Portable - Tethered - Type 1 - Full:

Weatherproof Box, RCBO, EPC, COntactor, Wiring Loom, Cable Entry Glands and Type 1 Plug/5m Cable...

The 10A version has a UK BS1363 plug (shown), the 15A version has a 16A CEE (blue commando) plug and the 32A version has a 32A CEE plug (not shown).  Over-current, ground fault and thermal protection built-in.  The 10A version uses 1.5mm2 input and 2.5mm2 output cable, the 16A version 2.5mm2 input and output cable and the 32A version uses 4.0mm2 cable on input and 6.0mm2 cable on output.

Standard cable length: input - 0.4m, output - 5.0m.  Extra cable length for this kit can be ordered in 1m steps via the same dropdown above and will be added to the mains-side cable and, if longer than 2m, will be in the next greater conductor thickness eg 10A pEVSEs input cable will be 2.5mm2 instead of 1.5mm2 etc if greater than 2.4m in length.

Main box is 175mmL x 125mmW x 102mmD.  5m kit weighs: 2.3kg








Kit Options:



(Type 2 plug shown - Type 1 kits will be supplied with a Type 1 plug)

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