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This plug and matching socket are designed for use in EV charging cables and will mate with any J1772 specified socket/plug.

They are rated at 70A and therefore are suitable for 16 and 32 amp or higher current applications as per the IEC 61851-2001 / SAE J1772-2001 standard.  The conductors should be crimped on into the pins using a heavy-duty (eg, hydraulic) crimper.  The plug comes with the 2 resistors required for correct communication with the EV and these are pre-soldered to the integrated, water resistant microswitch.

A small padlock can be used (not supplied) to secure the plug to the car whilst charging.  The padlock shackle must have a diameter of no more than 4mm.

Plug Dimensions (mm):- 240 L, 75 H, 55 W (all with dust cap on)  Weight:- 400g

Socket Dimensions(mm):- 120L, 70H x 70W  Weight:- 245g

The plug can be disassembled with the following:-

1/ A T15 Torx driver bit (needs to be at least 35mm long), 

2/ A T10 Torx driver bit and

3/ A ‘2.7mm Triangle’ security bit…

...all of which you may wish to order with your plug at a cost of £5 extra.  Note:- the triangular bit is very difficult to find!  The plug can be supplied with pre-attached cable in various configurations - see here as well as part of an EVSE kit - see here.

The socket can be disassembled with a T10 Torx driver bit, a No 2 Phillips screwdriver and a 3mm Allen key/hex driver.  It can also be supplied with suitably current-rated, pre-attached wire tails in a flexible orange plastic conduit (see drop-down payment options).

IP54 rated.

Type 1 Electric Vehicle Charging Plug and Socket - 32A

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Type 1 - J1772 Plug

In Stock

Type 1 - J1772 Socket

In Stock- £55 inc P&P

2.7mm ‘Triangle’ Bit

Type 1 Socket + Wire Tails

In Stock:

Type 1 Plug + Cable

Please see here

Torx T10/T15 Bit


(Click on this photo for an enlarged view)

(Click on this photo for an enlarged view and dimensions)


NOTE:  The pins and sleeves in these plugs require crimping with a suitable (high power) crimper.  An 8T hydraulic crimper can be purchased on eBay for ~£30 (example image left - I make no recommendations for this particular item).

Free myHermes/Collect+/Royal Mail/ParcelForce postage is included which usually takes 2-3 days within mainland UK (excluding weekends) - but may take as much as 7 days.  

(* UK orders only - ex-UK orders must have extra postage added - see the ‘Shipping Information’ page)

T1 Plug Spares

Pins & Dust Cap

T1 Socket Spares

In Stock

In Stock

PE (Earth), Line/Neutral and CP/PP Pins

(left to right)

CP/PP, Live/Neutral & PE (Earth) Pins

(left to right)

Before Ordering Spare Plug/Socket Contacts:

Please read the notes in the paragraph above.

Please Note: Prices are for a SINGLE PIN.

All power (L, N  & E) pins have 6mm2 (4mm diameter) conductor entry size

All signal pins (PP & CP) pins have 0.5mm2 (1mm diameter) conductor entry.

Dust Cap

Type 1 Plug

Type 1 Duosida Electric Vehicle Charging Plug and Socket Spare Parts

All Prices Include VAT and UK P&P*

The Type 1 plug is compatible with all Japanese and USA-built EVs (except Teslas) eg:-

All Nissan EVs

Mitsubishi i-MiEV / Outlander

All Vauxhall EVs and Plug-in Hybrids

Citroen C-Zero

Peugeot Ion

All Toyota EVs and Plug-in Hybrids

Renault Kangoo / Fluence

Kia Soul (not Optima - Type 2)

Fisker Karma

Ford C-MAX Energi / Ford Focus EV

Lightning EV

Mercedes Vito E-Cell Van

MIA Electric

Toyota Prius PHEV

If your EV/PIH is not listed, please go here for up-to-date information.

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