I was inspired to provide what follows by the thread on Royal Mail’s ‘Click & Drop’ user forum complaining about the 18th century way Royal Mail requires its customers to request cancelation/refund of on-line postage (the thread can be found here).

Use this form to apply for Royal Mail’s ‘Click & Drop’ on-line postage purchases which you want to cancel and obtain a refund for.  It is a re-jigged version of their original (available here) as it has the Freepost address on the wrong side for some unimaginably stupid reason.  It’s almost like Royal Mail doesn’t *want* you to apply for a refund!

Hopefully, one day, Royal Mail will provide the facility to at least email this form or, better still, just give us a link to click on in our order acknowledgement email to cancel the postage and automatically obtain a refund... like it already does with Paypal’s system!

Download it and ‘save as’ whatever you want.  Then open it and print it (printing the download directly gives a small printout for some reason).

Fold at the line and insert into a standard windowed envelope.

If you have printed the label, enclose it with the form.

Obviously DO NOT use the label concerned!

Provided by EVBitz.uk

Click here to download the form below which will print out at A4