1.  Before connecting this device to the mains, please ensure it conforms to the correct supply voltage.

2.  When purchased, the back-up battery will be discharged.  The unit must be connected to the mains supply voltage for 30 minutes before the device will start working correctly.  The back-up battery will only reach its full capacity after 3 days of constant supply power.

  1. 3. Set the current time by aligning the dial with the index.

  1. 4. Set the timing periods using the sliding pins.  Each pin represents 15 minutes and this is the minimum 'on' time.   Use a small pointed object such as a ball-point pen to move the sliders.  Set to the left side is 'off'.  Set to the right side is 'on'. 

  1. 5. Set the 'On'/‘Auto’/'Off' switch to the required function:-

        In 'On' mode, the timer will be permanently on, irrespective of the timer pins.

        In ‘Auto’ mode (the clock face icon) the timer will switch on and off according to the setting of the timing pins. 

        In 'Off' mode the timer will remain off , irrespective of the timer pins.

SUL 180a - 24 Hour DIN Mount Timer

Specifications and User Instructions