Designed specifically for use in electric vehicles. Orange is the colour for high voltage wiring and cables and it has been adopted by the major engine manufacturers.   

It is rated to IP67 for sealed systems.  

This lightweight convoluted tubing is simple to install, is designed for cable bundling, mechanical protection. Polymide 6 is highly resistant to all hydrocarbon based oils and fluids and many types of solvents.

Corrugated tubes are made of Polyimide 6, which is modified with a special heat stabilizer, in order to achieve a particularly high heat deflection temperature. Hilcon-L corrugated tubes are both halogeneous, cadmium-free, and UV steady. Halogen Free and Low Smoke.

All in all this results in better value for money, tougher harder wearing and ultimately a far longer lasting Conduit Tubing.

Crush Resistant 

Halogen Free - Low Smoke

Self extinguishing 

UV Resistance 

Static Temp: -40'C to +140'C 

Extremely tough and has high impact strength and fatigue life

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Orange Flexible Conduit