A high power charger cable that will allow an EV equipped with a Type 2 (Mennekes) charging socket and a suitably powerful, on-board charger to charge from a 22kW, 3 phase EVSE. The only EVs that are currently available that can take advantage of this power are...

Tesla Model S

Renault Zoe

Mercedes SLS EV /  Vito E-Cell Van

Daimler Smart ED

The shorter, 1.7m, cable is designed specifically for the Tesla Model S and allows the user to charge the MS from any Type 2 EVSE (charging point).  Most often these points are situated such that parking with the MS’ charge port directly adjacent to the EVSE is possible.  This cable takes advantage of that because it is much shorter than standard cables meaning that it can be used without coming into contact with the ground, assuming that about 1m is left between car charging port and EVSE.  This avoids getting the cable dirty and/or wet from puddles.  It is also much easier to store and handle as it is much lighter than the standard (7m long!) cable.  It is also a bit more efficient as there are fewer losses in the cable due to its shorter length.  It will also still work with a single phase EVSE.

It will, of course, also work with any other EV equipped with a Type 2 charge socket - including single phase.  Obviously, in order to benefit from the 3 phases (and 22kW charge power), the EV must be suitably equipped.

The other option is a 5m long cable.  Again, this will work with any EV fitted with a Type 2 charge port.

NOTE: Some public EVSEs require the use of an RFID card to operate them, available from the EVSE provider.

3 Phase, 22kW (30A) Type 2 (Male) to Type 2 (Female) Charging Cable

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