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Charging Cable Repair Service

(Please note that for tethered EVSE leads, the plug dust cap is not supplied.)

‘1P’ means single phase, ‘3P’ means three phase.  *All* Type 1 cables are single phase only.

If you do not know which your Type 2 cable/plug is, check the cable for embossing which should show something like this:

‘3G2.5mm2+2xG0.5mm2’ which translates as ‘3 gang (3 main conductors) of 2.5mm squared, cross sectional area, main conductors - L, N & E - plus 2 cores of 0.5mm squared signal conductors.  In this case the cable is a single phase, 16A. 

If the cable  embossing shows ‘5G6.0mm2+1x0.5mm2’ it has FIVE main conductors - L1, L2, L3, N & E - and is, therefore, a 3 phase cable, 32A due to the much heavier 6.0mm2 main conductors.

Alternatively, please email me for a quotation.

Include a photograph, please, if possible.

Please note:  If you require expedited service then please tell me so I can quote including a 24 hour mail service.  Otherwise the goods will be returned using ParcelForce 48 hour service if over 2kg, Royal Mail 2nd Class, if under 2kg.

Plug Replacement Options:

I can mend your charging lead should, for example, the cable need replacing...

Harry the Dog

Type 1 Plug

Type 2 Male Plug

Type 2 Female Plug

If your cable simply needs the cable replacing (assuming the plug is by Dostar/Duosida for which I cary spare plug pins), or a plug on the end of a standard charging cable (ie either a Type 2-to-Type 2 or Type 2-to-Type 1) or a tethered EVSE (charging point) cable plug needs replacing, then use the dropdown payment option below.  Once ordered, send me the cable and if it requires more than the simple cable/plug replacement already paid for I will quote for additional work or return the cable and refund the payment bar £10 to cover my postage costs.

For electrical safety reasons, these plugs are crimped onto their cables using a special, high power crimping tool.  The crimps are therefore very robust and capable of handling the quite significant power involved in EV charging.  This makes it impractical for a typical DIY repair.

However, if you have the relevant tool and skills then you can just order a plug from here... Type 1, Type 2 male & Type 2 female.

I use EV industry standard plugs made by Dostar (now ‘Duosida) - a good compromise between quality and price.